Hello Los Angeles

I welcomed November with open arms this year. While the summer months are usually my favorite time to frolic under the warm California sun, this year didn’t go quite as planned. Instead of lazy weekends on the beach, an extended trip to Montana, and weeks upon weeks of backyard kiddie pool bliss with The Tot… we moved. Yes, after six years of calling San Diego County home, we kissed spacious suburbia good-bye and headed to the big city two hours north.

I also have to mention our significant downsize. We went from living in a real house with a yard to calling a 900-something square foot apartment our home. We abstained from storage in favor of a simplified lifestyle. Less is best goes our new motto. The purging process took months due to busy schedules and lack of time (especially with The Tot in tow), but it was well worth the effort. In fact, I love the results so much, I can’t wait to do another round of purging.

view from la apartmentStanding on our balcony and looking up – Nature in Los Angeles!

When we were contemplating the move, we knew it would only work if our quality of life improved as a result. We spent hours talking about what we liked and didn’t like about suburbia and what we wanted city living to be. The results: we live in a walking friendly area, Ricardo takes the city bus to work nearly everyday, I enjoy daily walks to a nearby park and exploring neighborhoods with The Tot, our cars stay parked in their reserved spots somewhere in the building, and it’s only a 20 minute drive to LAX… a major international airport with flights to everywhere!

the groveOn a morning walk

Ricardo loves his new job and I still enjoy the virtual workspace lifestyle.

Now that the exhausting downsize is over, the SD house is rented, and I’m finally back from zigzagging across the USA for a project… I can finally exhale and explore our new city. Hello November and hello Los Angeles!

 If there are any Los Angeles locals out there, I’d love to hear about your favorite spots.

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